When selecting a tree from our online store, please be sure

that your tree stand is able to accommodate the tree's height. Also check that the tree will fit in the room! For every 25 inches taller, a natural Christmas tree becomes 10 inches wider.




To maximise the life of your Christmas tree, ensure it is

displayed standing in water. This also reduces needle loss.


Before placing the tree into water, cut up to 25 mm (1 inch) from the base. This allows an efficient uptake of water without compromising stability as long as the cut is level with the stand.




Place the tree into water as soon as possible

(within 5 hours), minimising the contact of dirt with the freshly-cut trunk (a clean end can absorb water more effectively, prolonging the life of the Christmas tree).


Keeping the tree away from heat sources can greatly

improve lifespan, as water consumption is prolonged.




Use miniature lights to reduce heat and drying of the tree.

Be careful with lights and take care not to overload them. Never leave lights unattended - switch off when not in use.




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